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Research and Thought Leadership

The science behind SACS

SACS is in the business of thought leadership. We interpret and share new concepts, research and strategies with our clients to help them manage their businesses and staff more effectively.



We regularly run events where we share new research findings and give you practical tips to use this in your workplace.

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We also make all of our webinars available as recordings – you can find a list here.


News, research and publications

Below you can find all of our news and publications on research findings.


Is it possible to predict bad behaviour in prospective employees? The answer is “yes”.

HEXACO Personality & Values predicting total Counterproductive Work Behaviours (CWB)

How Australian Workers and Their Bosses Can Reverse the Productivity Slump

Disengaged Nation

Workplace OH&S

Weed Out Unsafe Workers Before They Work For You

“It is possible to for employers to predict whether a candidate will flout or support their work health & safety rules” by James Harkness, 23rd September 2014


How bosses can screen our risk

How Bosses Can Screen Out the Risk

“Dangerous Personalities Make Work Unsafe – shows concerning risks taken by public servants, despite existing screening measures by departments and agencies.” – The Mandarin

SACS has found a strong correlation between personality & values and likelihood of acting safely at work


Dangerous Personalities Making Work Unsafe