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Are you suffering from the curse of knowledge?

17 08 22 Are you suffering from the curse of knowledge

One of my favourite authors is Steven Pinker. I read a fascinating article by him recently where he described a phenomenon he called “The Curse of Knowledge”. Sometimes knowing too much about a subject can get in the way of communicating with people who are not so well informed – you assume that they understand


Do people fake psych tests?

17 08 13 Do people fake psych tests

Another outstanding week for the SACS research program. Over the weekend we had the joyous news that an article lead authored by Dr Jeromy Anglim from Deakin University and referred below was accepted for publication by the European Journal of Personality. The European Journal of personality is arguably the most prestigious scientific journal in the


Don’t dump your performance management system. Follow these tips to improve it

17 08 08 Don't dump your performance

These are tough times for the poor old performance management system.  We have seen many companies dump them entirely, often due to the advice of Neuro theorists like David Rock who say that performance conversations turn on the amygdala and therefore make people defensive and resistant to learning. I agree with Rock that many performance