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Feeling sad or stressed? Do something generous.

17 06 27 Feeling sad or stressed

This is another tip from the world of resilience research. If ever you find yourself feeling sad, stressed or perhaps even oppressed a good way of tackling these feelings is to undertake “random acts of kindness”, even to total strangers. It is very natural when the weight of the world is on our shoulders to


Are you grateful or frustrated?

17 06 20 Are you grateful or frustrated

The secret of life is what you focus on.  It is amazing how many outcomes in a person’s life are affected by where they direct their attention.  In every event we encounter we can direct our attention to:   Emotions or outcomes Past or future Negativity or positivity Frustrations or blessings Just to mention a


Sometimes leaders need to be inauthentic

17 06 13 Sometimes leaders need to be inauthentic

Much has been made in recent times of the Authentic Leadership trend.  The first time I heard the term it raised an interesting question. What if you are authentically a bad person? Calm down, lovers of authentic leadership, I know that some strands of the authentic leadership movement focus on appointing ethical, honest people to