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Four Key Drivers of Employee Engagement

17 07 25 4 Key Drivers of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is an extremely useful organisational advantage. It has been found to be a powerful predictor of internal success factors such as employees’ intention to remain with the organisation, absenteeism, and productivity. In addition it predicts customer and stakeholder satisfaction and correlates highly with commercial outcomes such as profit and revenue growth (Albrecht et


Five Reasons Many Workforce Planning Efforts Fail

17 07 18 Five reasons many workforce planning efforts fail

In our consulting activities we are noticing a significant upturn in enquiries for workforce planning related projects. The world is being disrupted and people are responding by deciding to take the future of their workforces into their own hands. Most organisations simply allow their workforces to evolve and workforce planning is a big improvement on


Even mothers like extraverts more

17 07 11 Even mothers like extraverts more

I recently came across a very interesting study about mothers’ ideas of the ideal child. They were asked to identify the characteristics they most hoped to see in their children as they grew up. The results were very interesting: Over 50% of the mothers wanted their children to grow up to be extraverts – active,