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Optimising Diversity Friendliness in Your Workforce.

17 11 21 Optimising Diversity Friendliness in your Workforce

There has been much written in recent times about when diversity goes wrong. We have all seen high-profile cases of exploitation where people seeking to go about their work were treated with a lack of respect or even criminally. For a couple of years now, SACS has been providing users of our psychological assessment tools


Want engaged employees? Recognise them!

17 11 14 Want engaged employees Recognise them

One of the key things which determines how engaged your employees will be in their work is their psychological environment. When employees are surrounded by positivity they are far more likely to be productive and happy in their work (eg Albrecht and Marty, 2017). Employee recognition can make a major contribution to employees’ attitudes to


Why are some people power hungry?

17 11 09 Why are some people power hungry

Did you know that you can measure a person’s values? Shalom Schwartz is one of the world’s leading researchers on the topic of values and has identified 10 basic human values which apply to all individuals across the world (Schwartz, 2012). One of these values is Power. A person who is high in power is