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Employees acting kindly – Organisational citizenship behaviours

17 04 26 Employeees acting kindly - Organisational Citizenship Behaviours

Do your employees ever do things that they don’t have to do to keep their jobs? Do they ever act with kindness and generosity towards colleagues even though doing so does not seem to give them any personal advantage? Do they ever help the organisation beyond what might practically be expected for their job? If


Want engaged employees? Here is the key leadership driver

17 04 18 Leadership for engagement

SACS partnered recently with Deakin Uni on a major study into staff engagement.  More than 2700 people from an extremely wide range of industries participated in the study.  One of the things we looked at was leader behaviours.  We found 10 categories of these behaviours which drove levels of engagement in staff. The leader behaviour


Is your office neat or messy?

17 04 11 Is your office neat or messy

A neat office is an indicator of the personality characteristic of Organisation.  People high in this characteristic tend to go about their work in a well-planned fashion and tend to like structure.  Organisation can be an indicator of success at work – particularly work which has a lot of detail or strategy in it. When