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Why are some people more resilient?

17 05 23 Why are some people more resilient

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to cope better with negative experiences – to bounce back?  Resilience, like most things in life, has a genetic component and an acquired component.  Personality is heavily genetically determined and is a good predictor of how likely a person is to be resilient and cope well with


If You Want to Make Change Happen Don’t Call It “Change”

17 05 16 If you want to make change

Our Change Management Masterclass is running this Friday. It’s pretty full but there may be a spot or two left if you are interested – email here. One of the key messages I give in this program is the neurological impact of certain terminology during the change process. For instance, talking about “change” causes an


Toxic Employees

17 05 09 Toxic Employees

I was surprised by the depth of response to a new workshop we created, focussing on toxic employees.  What we discovered by this response is that a very significant number of people have encountered toxic behaviour in colleagues, leaders or subordinates. This workshop (which we will need to rerun, given the response) focussed on the