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I have some feedback for you

17 09 26 I have some feedback for you

People hate feedback, and it is an extremely ineffective method of causing people to change.  Think I’m joking?  Go up to someone and utter the words in the title above – “I have some feedback for you.” Watch their non-verbals.  Typically you will get a deep look of concern.  The person will be looking at


Do bad values lead to bad behaviours?

17 09 19 Do bad values lead to bad behaviours

We hear a lot how a person’s values predict their behaviours, right?  Good values, good behaviours, bad values, bad behaviours?  Whenever I hear this kind of thing I get very curious.  I know that it sounds plausible, but is it really true?  Fortunately, I can often design a research project to get a definitive answer


What do your very best people have in common?

17 09 12 HPM

Have you ever thought, “If only we had more people like Mary Smith life would be so much easier.”  Why don’t you find out what your best people have in common?  High Performance Modelling is a research project in which you identify your best people, people who:   Do a great job Are cultural exemplars