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Executive Search

SACS offers executive recruitment services across all sectors

 We use the most up to date candidate sourcing mediums.



At SACS, our objective is to be the most ethical, honourable and truthful recruitment provider, with a true commitment to the welfare of both clients and candidates. We also aim to be the most expert recruiters in a technical sense. We achieve this by reviewing research from the world of organisational psychology and we build our offering around absolute best practice, backed by science.


There are two components to the science of recruitment: attraction and selection.


The science of candidate attraction

It is well known that at any given time only 20% of the candidate market are actively pursuing employment opportunities, leaving 80% of the market “passive”- not actively seeking job opportunities.  Our attraction strategies have been developed to ensure that our clients are accessing as close to 100% of the market as possible, and not just the 20% of active candidates.


Our candidate attraction strategy consists of two parts: an executive search, and advertising.

Executive search



The science of candidate selection

So once we have attracted the right candidates, how do we select them? The answer: using the most predictive recruitment methods available.

Our approach is based on the latest research as to what works in predicting whether the candidate you hire will be successful.


The table above shows, in order of accuracy, the range of recruitment selection methods available. The methods we build into each recruitment project are those with asterisks. Most recruiters use standard interview processes, whereas our combination of recruitment selection methods yields a predictiveness that, when converted into percentage accuracy, represents roughly a fourfold increase.


SACS uses a competency based recruitment process (CBR).

This combination is currently the most predictive combination of assessments available – markedly more predictive than interviews and reference checks alone – and this significantly reduces the chance of a bad hire.