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Group & Organisational Development

Is your team the best it can be?

When a team is working to its full potential, amazing things can happen.

SACS can help you assess your team or organisation to find out where your strengths are and where you can make improvements.

Use SACS’ evidence-based services to drive improvement in productivity, relationships and personal well-being.



Managing for optimal performance

SACS has worked with many organisations to develop performance management processes that maximise success, personal growth and change.

The best performance management processes tend to be simple and open, with room for leaders and managers to include material that is relevant to them and their relationship. By embracing such a process, organisations encourage leaders and staff to use the performance development process as a leadership tool. After all, the goal is to enhance the success of a business and its staff, rather than go through the motions of an ineffective HR process.

Good performance management processes have the following characteristics:


If you think your team or organisation could benefit from a performance management process, contact us now.


Organisation strategy development

A sound organisational strategy is the foundation on which good organisational development processes can be built. Without a clear strategy, it is impossible to establish a workforce plan or identify areas for development.

SACS has worked with boards and executive teams in commerce, the public sector and not for profit organisations to help them develop a practical strategy for their organisation.

The SACS approach to organisation strategy development is simple, specific and behavioural. It gives you clear and practical guides that encourage behaviours that help you get the outcome you want to achieve.

The stages in the process are as follows:


If you want a refreshingly practical and uncomplicated approach to setting your organisation’s strategy, contact us now.