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360 degree feedback

360 degree feedback is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including individual performance management, group or organisational performance assessment and leadership development.

Simply put, a 360 degree feedback exercise is undertaken by establishing a set of questions used to collect feedback from the people who work around an employee. This includes the employee’s peers, manager and direct reports, but can also be extended to include external stakeholders or clients. Gathering multiple perspectives on an employee allows your organisation to continue to build and strengthen the performance of individual team members as well as teams, departments, and the organisation as a whole.


There are two types of 360 degree feedback instruments that can be used:

Normative – based on standard questions that have been developed and normed across thousands of 360 degree feedback projects. The strength of this approach is that if the tool is developed well the results will give you immediate comparisons to other groups of employees, so people will know whether they are above or below average on each measure.

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Competency based – based on unique questions that we develop for a particular group. SACS often does this through workshop activities, working with the group to be assessed to develop a list of key behaviours that they believe are critical to success. We then turn these key behaviours into 360 degree feedback questions and administer the questions using our SACS 360 software. The advantage of this approach is that it tends to bring about more significant change than normative instruments do, and people tend to be engaged with the approach.

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SACS has best practice instruments for both types of 360 degree feedback and will advise you on the best way to start and manage your 360 project.


SACS 360

360 degree feedback software is often difficult to use, expensive and cumbersome. SACS has developed SACS 360; an online tool designed by organisational development professionals to be flexible, intuitive and easy to use.


Below are some of the main features:


Finally, 360 degree feedback software that is both affordable and easy to use. Experience the difference.