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Attitudes toward Diversity

A measurement of racism and sexism.

Attitudes toward diversity

Hiring employees who have racist or sexist attitudes has long term effects for organisations. Many organisations have identified the need to reduce the risk of hiring dangerous employees and find out the warning signs in respect of negative attitudes towards gender and ethnicity. Hiring people with tolerant and positive attitudes in this area also contributes to a positive culture where diversity is welcomed.

SACS has developed a tool to assess “attitudes toward diversity”. We developed a range of questions in a format suggested by previous research and evaluated these across some thousands of workers from a range of different industry sectors. Using confirmatory factor analysis techniques, 7 questions were chosen which were proven to be most effective in uncovering racist or sexist attitudes.

In our reports, candidates are rated against a norm group, where an average across thousands of assessed individuals have been used to create standard scores, allowing the tool to identify whether individual candidates represent a low, medium or high risk of racist or sexist attitudes.

Measuring attitudes to diversity is a crucial addition to your assessment process. Accidentally recruiting people who have negative attitudes to women or people from a different ethnic background is a risk factor you cannot afford and the benefits of recruiting people with tolerant attitudes is enduring.

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