SACS provides you with the most contemporary evidence based approaches to human resource management.

What We Do

SACS is here to help you achieve your goals. Our role is to understand (or even help you develop) a clear idea of where you want to be, and then help you get there.

We do this by drawing on the world of research (particularly organisational psychology and neuroscience) to give you evidence-based methods that help you maximise your organisation’s strengths. All of our services are underpinned by science – we don’t rely on tradition, belief, or personal preference. At SACS, if we can’t back it with empirical evidence, we don’t recommend it.

Organisational Development

  • Developing a clear idea of where you want your organisation to be.
  • Providing evidenced-based solutions to help our clients reach their objectives.
  • SACS are active primary researchers, largely through our partnership with Deakin University in organisational psychology

Psychological Measurement

  • 5 Key benchmarking tools for HR Managers.
  • Predicting the likelihood of counterproductive work behaviours.
  • Based on rigorous, international, psychology principles, our psychometric assessments have been developed for determining the suitability of applicants for specific roles.


  • Best practice for HR, both here and overseas.
  • Screening and benchmarking tools to assist with filtering candidates before the second interview process.
  • Objective formalisation process, tailored staff development plans

Featured Research

SACS continues to share new concepts, research and strategies with our clients to help them manage their workforce more effectively.


Get access to upcoming live virtual events and online workshops including:

• What is Teamwork & how to achieve it?
• The Psychology of Power

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Read more about the issues that matter to your workforce. SACS Managing Director Andrew Marty explores the topics that are impacting your business now and offers evidence-based insights on managing challenges and opportunities.


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