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Organisational Psychology Consulting

Optimise your workforce with psychometric testing, engagement surveys, wellbeing measures, and organisational development.

Organisational Psychology Consulting and Measurement

SACS is here to help you achieve your organisation and workforce goals.

Our role is to develop a clear idea of where you want to be, and then help you get there.

We do this by drawing on organisational psychology and neuroscience research to give you evidence-based methods that help you maximise your organisation’s strengths.

All of our organisational psychology consulting services are underpinned by science – we don’t rely on tradition, belief, or personal preference.

At SACS, if we can’t back it with empirical evidence, we don’t recommend it.

HR Consulting

Psychometric Testing

  • Our psychometric testing is based on rigorous, international psychology principles and has been developed to determine the suitability of applicants for specific roles.
  • Providing five key benchmarking tools for HR managers.
  • Predicting the likelihood of counterproductive work behaviours.

Recruitment Optimisation

  • Best practice for HR, both in Australia and overseas.
  • Developing powerful employee value propositions, sourcing the best candidates, and ensuring culture match.
  • Screening and benchmarking tools to assist with filtering candidates before the second interview process.

To find the answers to your organisational psychology questions, visit our Knowledge Hub

The SACS Consulting Knowledge Hub serves as a repository for our intellectual property on a range of organisational psychology topics, including psychometric testing, employee engagement and recruitment optimisation.

You can search for topics of interest and browse the personalised recommendations for videos, white papers, events, presentations and more.

Visit the SACS Knowledge Hub today.

Organisational Psychology Resources

SACS embraces the Scientist-Practitioner model of service.

We are active primary researchers in organisational psychology, largely through our partnership with Deakin University, and regularly share our evidence-based findings through publications, articles and events, to help you achieve your objectives.


SACS continues to share new concepts, research and strategies with our clients to help them manage their workforce more effectively.

SACS’ primary research has resulted in a number of peer-reviewed publications and allows us to build accurate and effective evidence-based psychological measurement tools.

Our Research


Read more about the issues that matter to your workforce.

SACS Managing Director Andrew Marty explores the topics that are impacting your business now and offers evidence-based insights on managing challenges and opportunities.

Our Articles

Our Clients

SACS Consulting is certified as a carbon neutral organisation

We’re a certified carbon neutral organisation

Organisational Development Consulting

Let us show you how best practice organisational psychology consulting improves workplace effectiveness and productivity by analysing an organisation’s human resources and management psychology.

Workforce-based psychology services


SACS has the psychological measurement skills and the IT savvy to devise valid methods for measuring opinions, satisfaction, commitments or whatever it is that you need feedback on.

Group facilitation

SACS is an expert in working with groups to gain clarity on their perspectives or to achieve important outcomes.

Wellbeing-related services

Much of our primary research has related to engagement and well-being amongst employees. We are experts at measuring it and in devising methods of optimising it.

Competency analysis

Understanding the capabilities necessary to perform certain roles then devising methods of measuring them.

Change management

Through our Change without Pain and Destination-Based Change interventions we have helped many organisations navigate their way through difficult change successfully.

Individual interventions


An evidence-based perspective on what is often done intuitively. Coaching for maximum change.

Development planning

Working with the staff member and their leader to understand the objectives of both, then using best practice psychological measurement to understand their strengths and development areas. We then build a targeted and tailored plan to underpin their future development activities.

Investigation and mediation

Sadly, things do not always run smoothly. If there are performance issues with an individual or two people who cannot get along, talk to us – we can help.

Is there something that you need to change in your workforce? We welcome the opportunity to discuss the issue and scope a solution.


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