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Comparing Job Applicants to Non-Applicants Using an Item-Level Bifactor Model on the HEXACO Personality Inventory

Publication: Comparing job applicants to non-applicants using an item-level bifactor model

Measuring Values at Work - Extending Existing Frameworks to the Context of Work

Publication: Measuring values at work - Extending existing frameworks to the context of work

Meta-analysis research paper on intelligence and personality traits.

Publication: Personality and intelligence: A meta-analysis

Meaningful work and employee engagement research paper

Publication: Meaningful work and employee engagement

Weed out unsafe workers before they work for you, featuring an image of two women conversing at a desk.

Publication: Dangerous personalities making work unsafe

Predicting trait emotional intelligence from HEXACO personality: Domains, facets, and the general factor of personality

Publication: Predicting trait emotional intelligence from HEXACO personality - Domains, facets and gfp

Hexaco Personality & Schwartz Personal Values

Publication: HEXACO personality and Schwartz's personal values: A facet-level analysis

Attitudes towards workplace diversity research paper

Publication: Predicting employee attitudes to workplace diversity

Australian Staff Behaving Badly - Predicting and Preventing Counterproductive Work Behaviours

Publication: Australian staff behaving badly - Predicting and preventing counterproductive work behaviours

Organisational Resources & Engagement research paper

Publication: Organisational resources, organisational engagement climate and employee engagement

Research exploring the differences between job applicants and non-applicants in values assessment for personnel selection.

Publication: Values assessment for personnel selection: comparing job applicants to non-applicants

Predicting Counterproductive Work Behaviour with the HEXACO Personality Inventory

Publication: Predicting bad behaviour in prospective employees

Personality, Self-Efficacy and Job Resources with a group of employees working together at a table

Publication: Personality, self-efficacy and job resources and their effect on engagement, commitment and turnover

Disengaged Nation: How Australian Workers And Their Bosses Can Reverse The Productivity Slump

Publication: Disengaged nation - How australian businesses can reverse the productivity slump