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About SACS Consulting

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How SACS can help

SACS is here to help you achieve your goals.

SACS is an organisational psychology consulting firm.

Below you will see an outline of our ethical and values perspectives, but from a professional point of view we are scientist practitioners.

Our contribution to research in organisational psychology also helps us to build highly contemporary and evidence-based products for our clients. Here are our recent publications.

Our key services are:

We like to keep things simple and friendly. We look forward to forming a positive partnership with you.

We developed our services around key pillars

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Psychological Measurement

Hundreds of organisations have psychometrically assessed thousands of candidates to predict work behaviours using our tools which provide accuracy, ease of interpretation and a positive experience for candidates.

In addition we measure leadership capability through 360 degree feedback and organisational wellbeing through engagement and wellbeing surveys

Psychological Measurement
Two professionals discussing psychometric assessments and organisational consulting.

Organisational Psychology and Human Resources Consulting

Is staff retention a challenge for you? Maybe you would like to optimise the clarity of job definition in your organisation. Maybe you would like to improve your organisation’s performance in respect of inclusion.

SACS is able to identify strengths and development areas and recommend evidence-based approaches to help you reach your goals.

HR Consulting
A woman interviewing a candidate for an executive role.

Recruitment Optimisation

We help many organisations to improve and optimise their recruitment practices.

Candidate attraction and candidate evaluation can be rapidly improved using evidence-based approaches and we are experts in helping you do so.

Recruitment Services

What we care about

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Environmental Sustainability

SACS is passionately committed to environmental sustainability – we have been continuously carbon neutral accredited since 2007.

For many of our employees some of our most joyous experiences have been in contact with nature. We do what we can to contribute to environmental sustainability.

A hand is using wooden blocks with icons on them, demonstrating our commitment to ethics and treating people with respect.


We subscribe to the Australian Psychological Society code of ethics, so we guarantee the usual principles of confidentiality and avoidance of harm, but it goes much further than that.

People know that we are primary researchers and have many publications in the science of psychology which has helped us develop our products. Why? Because it is ethical and truthful to have evidence for what you do. Irrespective of trading conditions we pay all of our bills on time. Why? Because commercial ethics are as important as moral ethics in our view. People know when they deal with us that they will be treated respectfully and ethically.

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In all of our projects we demonstrate the belief that work should enhance and develop people.

People have a right to come to work and experience growth, thriving, challenge and learning. This is why we commit to high levels of engagement and empowerment whenever possible in our consulting projects and participate only in projects which will add value to peoples’ working lives.

An important gathering of people arranged in the shape of scales, representing social justice and inclusion.

Social Justice and Inclusion

We have the joy of working with a range of organisations which make vital contributions to the elderly, people with disability or illness, and the general community.

We believe that issues such as gender, disability, sexual diversity or age should be no barriers to people living their best possible life and being included and empowered in pursuit of their goals.

What our clients say

IDP Education Ltd Logo

SACS has been our psych testing partner for 10 years and we consider them to be extremely contemporary in the methodologies they use and their customer service has been excellent.

Georgia Murphy
Chief People Officer, IDP Education Ltd
Melba Support Services logo

SACS and Melba have worked together as trusted partners for over 6 years and I respect their expertise and their ability to add value to our organisation.

Hayley Dean
Chief Executive Officer, Melba Support Services


Level 3, 162 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

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