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How SACS Can Help

SACS is here to help you achieve your goals.


Our role is to understand (or even help you develop) a clear idea of where you want to be, and then help you get there.

We do this by drawing on the world of research – particularly organisational psychology and neuroscience – to give you evidence-based approaches that will maximise your organisation’s productivity and effectiveness.

All of our psychometric testing, HR consulting and recruitment products and services are underpinned by science.

At SACS, we don’t rely on tradition, belief, or personal preference – if we can’t back it with empirical evidence, we don’t recommend it.

We Developed Our Services Around Key Pillars

Psychological Measurement

Delivering comprehensive character assessments to predict work behaviors.

The Science of Recruitment

SACS assessments are extremely rigorously evaluated by virtue of our commitment to the Scientist/Practitioner model of business.

HR Consulting

Working with our clients to understand their objectives then providing them with evidence-based solutions to help them achieve those objectives.

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Environmental Sustainability

SACS is passionately committed to environmental sustainability – we have been continuously carbon neutral accredited since 2007.

For many of our employees some of our most joyous experiences have been in contact with nature. We do what we can.


We subscribe to the Australian Psychological Society code of ethics, so we guarantee the usual principles of confidentiality and avoidance of harm, but it goes much further than that.

People know that we are primary researchers and have many publications in the science of psychology which has helped us develop our products. Why? Because it is ethical and truthful to have evidence for what you do. Irrespective of trading conditions we pay all of our bills on time. Why? Because commercial ethics are as important as moral ethics in our view. People know when they deal with us that they will be treated respectfully and ethically.


In all of our projects we demonstrate the belief that work should enhance and develop people.

People have a right to come to work and experience growth, thriving, challenge and learning. This is why we commit to high levels of engagement and empowerment whenever possible in our consulting projects and participate only in projects which will add value to peoples’ working lives.

Social Justice and Inclusion

We have the joy of working with a range of organisations which make vital contributions to the elderly, people with disability or illness, and the general community.

We believe that issues such as gender, disability, sexual diversity or age should be no barriers to people living the best possible life and being included and empowered in pursuit of their goals.


Level 14, 333 Collins Street
Victoria 3000

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