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Partnerships with SACS

Partnering With SACS

SACS partners with a range of organisations to deliver best-in-class employee tools and psychometric assessments.

SACS Consulting is open to opportunities to partner with a range of organisations.

Deakin University

“Over the last 10 years, Andrew Marty, SACS Consulting and I have developed a wonderful industry-university partnership.

As an academic who teaches organisational psychology, the partnership embodies the principles of the scientist-practitioner model and evidence-based practice. We have worked together to publish several peer-reviewed journal articles in top psychological journals with more in preparation.

This research has made major contributions to the understanding of the structure of individual differences, personality correlates of workplace outcomes, and psychometric assessment. The results of this research collaboration has also informed assessments and practices at SACS Consulting including work on attitudes to diversity in the workplace, well-being and hybrid work, and work-framed personality assessment.

The success of these research projects have been greatly aided by Andrew’s scientific rigour and the open-minded scientific approach he takes to his work. My regular chats with Andrew have helped to keep me in touch with the key concerns of industry, while also allowing me to share my academic insights.

Andrew has also been very generous in sharing his time and knowledge. In particular, my Masters students, who are organisational psychologists in training, have greatly appreciated learning from Andrew about his wealth of experience in industry.

It has also been great to be involved with Andrew to share the insights of our research in some of the forums he arranges to disseminate research findings. Andrew is indeed an engaging and informed speaker.”

~ Dr Jeromy Anglim, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, Deakin University.

Dr Jeromy Anglim, Deakin University

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