Welcome to the SACS blog mark two. We ran blog mark one for about a year until two years ago and ended up with well over a thousand regular readers. Other pressures killed off blog mark one, but we are back with reinforcements and we will be making blog mark two a core focus of our activities.

The blog entries will be weekly and we will be bringing you a range of gripping, captivating and compelling news from the frontiers of organisational psychology and people management. The contributors will be me (Andrew Marty) and my colleagues and we look forward to keeping you up to date on the latest. We also look forward to hearing your thoughts, feedback and guidance.


This week’s news.

Hold the presses, we have just closed data gathering on our latest research project! With the help and guidance of Simon Albrecht from Deakin University and his Masters student Emil Breidahl we went out to capture data from people out there working in a wide range of organisations on:

  • Their levels of engagement
  • How this relates to other issues such as intention to stay
  • The organisation factors which cause engagement
  • Leader behaviours that cause it

Some of you reading this might have completed the questionnaire – thanks very much for doing so, I know it was a big time commitment. But the especially wonderful part of this news is that over 2000 people undertook the survey! This is a monster sample in organisational psychology and gives us outstanding quality data.

Why did we do it? Simple.

Our mission is to provide best practice psychological measurement tools at affordable prices.

This research will allow us to:

  • Discover some crucial evidence about the nature and causes of engagement . Engagement can be shown to be an excellent predictor of quality and quantity of work in organisations
  • Develop a self managed normative 360 degree feedback tool
  • Develop a self managed normative climate survey tool with a particular emphasis on engagement

The end objective of all of this is to put these tools in the hands of organisations at price points which make these options feasible to use widely. My concern is that many such tools have such premium price points that organisations either cannot afford them or do not prioritise them. We are seeking to change all that.

What did we find from the data? Well, you’ll need to watch this space to find out!

Andrew Marty
Managing Director
SACS Consulting

Andrew Marty