I saw a fascinating article recently in https://theconversation.com/au dealing with the benefits of negative emotions such as sadness.  If bad moods become too severe or persistent then they can represent clinical issues such as depression, but a little emotional discomfort now and then can help you.

Forgas (eg. 2001) and others have researched the effect of moods on a range of human responses and found that when we are sad we get some surprising benefits, such as:

  • Making better judgments about people
  • Choosing better options
  • Remembering things more clearly
  • Making fairer judgments
  • Trying harder

Some people have interpreted resilience as being continually happy.  Not so, resilience is the capability to experience negative experiences such as bad moods and then bounce back.  Resilient people get sad too, but true resilience is about focussing on solutions and responding in a constructive, practical fashion to gain a good outcome.

High quality personality assessments can be a very accurate indicator of the tendency to be resilient.  Click here to find out more.

Forgas, J. P. (2001). Feeling and thinking: The role of affect in social cognition. Cambridge University Press.

Andrew Marty
Managing Director

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Andrew Marty