We got the good news on Friday that the Journal of Personality has agreed to publish our latest article – this time on topic of emotional intelligence. Its title is Predicting Trait Emotional Intelligence from HEXACO Personality: Domains, Facets, and The General Factor of Personality

Congratulations to Jeromy Anglim from Deakin for captaining once again and to Gavin Morse, Pat Dunlop and Amirali Minbashian for their contributions. We will publish the full reference once it is provided.

Emotional intelligence used to be considered to be practically a universe of information in its own right, but now we know that it is largely a distillation of some core elements of personality. In fact, in this study we found a large proportion of the trait of emotional intelligence to be encompassed by HEXACO personality. The key personality contributors were:

  • Extraversion – optimistic, people orientated people tend to be more emotionally intelligent.
  • Openness to Experience – broadminded people with a readiness to take on new ideas tend to be more emotionally intelligent.
  • Conscientiousness – hard-working and organised people are more likely to possess the trait.
  • Agreeableness – emotional intelligence is more likely in people who are easy to get along with and lacking a tendency to anger.

So, if emotional intelligence is largely personality is it worth considering? I think it is. Although it turns out to be a kind of reconceptualisation of some elements of personality it does predict performance in some roles, such as customer service and the interpersonal aspects of leadership.

The measure of emotional intelligence that we use in our testing regime has only three dimensions to it – the person’s ability to read other people’s emotions, the person’s ability to self manage their own emotions, and the person’s tendency to use emotional information to make decisions. Clearly it is simpler to interpret these three practical characteristics than to distill a conclusion from 25 HEXACO facets, which is why we provide this instrument.

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Andrew Marty