Firstly, a Christmas thank you to all the longsuffering souls who read my posts each week.  If we add LinkedIn and the SACS blog, there are well over a thousand of you each month, and your numbers are growing.


The song says that Santa is making a list and checking it twice to find out if people are naughty or nice.  If Santa had a research interest in the topic of counterproductive work behaviours (CWBs), he might well define naughty as Gruys and Sackett did above (2003).  They conducted a major study into bad behaviours of employees across different industries and in different locations.  They found that the above list represented the ten most common CWBs in a range of different organisations.


I think we need to make a new year’s resolution to minimise CWBs in our organisations.  Some key points about them:

  • They always have victims – either colleagues or the organisation.
  • A range of studies have found that the higher the CWBs the lower the number of good behaviours – helping, generosity, etc. A kind of depressing double whammy.
  • They are vastly underreported. When we survey people about CWBs in confidential research settings, we find that 15% of professional employees report having been intentionally disrespectful or impolite to colleagues.  The reports of these behaviours – the genesis of bullying – are way lower.  You know a mere fraction of the bad behaviours your employees are undertaking – another highly consistent research finding.
  • They are predictable. The psychological markers of these behaviours are known and we test thousands of people per year to help clients identify the risk of these behaviours before they make their hiring decisions. Click here to find out more.


Thanks once more for reading my posts. I trust that Santa will bring you whatever you have asked for and I will be back and blogging better than ever in mid-January.


Merry Christmas and its more politically correct equivalent, Happy Holidays.


Andrew Marty
Managing Director


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Gruys, M. L., & Sackett, P. R. (2003). Investigating the dimensionality of counterproductive work behavior. International Journal of Selection & Assessment, 11(1), 0-42


Andrew Marty