Is your strategy clear enough to undertake Workforce planning?

The last 6 months have been very busy for SACS in the area of Workforce planning. Above is the SACS model of Workforce planning which we have used in an extremely wide range of Workforce planning engagements.

One of the key observations that we make when we lead an organisation down the path of Workforce planning is the fact that very few organisations have true strategy.

Many organisations think they have strategy but what they have is high level vision such as “an engaged community” or low level tactics in the form of multiple and sometimes myriad kpi’s.

Here are some characteristics that your strategy will need to have if you seek to use it as a basis for Workforce planning:

– the purpose of the organisation and its various business units defined as outcomes. Many organisations define purpose in terms of tasks or responsibilities. Outcomes is what works best to define purpose. The statement of Purpose should be clear and measurable so that it is identifiable whether these objectives have been reached.
– A genuine future focus. For the purposes of Workforce planning a purpose statement should outline the objectives of the organisation over the next two to three years so clearly that it is easy to identify the size and shape the business will need to be in order to deliver on these objectives.
– High levels of Engagement from the staff. The development of true strategy relies heavily on buy-in from all employees of the organisation. We’re in please have been actively involved in developing the strategy they are likely to commit to it and this is what tends to give it truth and effectiveness of Purpose.

So, in order to determine whether you will gain full benefit from undertaking Workforce planning is worth reflecting on the clarity and effectiveness of your strategy at the organisation and the business unit level. The better, simpler and clearer the strategy of the more likely you are to benefit from Workforce planning.

For further information on the SACS approach to Workforce planning click here.

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