Welcome to our five-part series on meaningful work where we discuss meaning in life and meaning in work.

The concept of meaning in life and meaning in work relates to the idea of well-being, which is to say that you’re more likely to have high levels of well-being if you have meaning in your life and in work. The ancient philosophers believed that you could have an objective view of well-being, in other words, this person objectively had higher levels of well-being than this person. But of course, what we know from modern psychology is that it’s all between the ear. Well being is entirely self-determined, which is why in psychology, we call it subjective well-being.

Unit 1

Dealing with the question of meaning in life and meaning in work.


Unit 2

We deal with meaningful work and work engagement, the relationship between those two very important characteristics of work experience, then we’ll be talking about what are the characteristics of people who find work meaningful. It’s an interesting idea that certain individuals might be more inclined to find work meaningful, but there’s strong research evidence to indicate that.


Unit 3

What role do genetics play in finding meaning?


Unit 4

Enlightening data about meaningful work.


Unit 5

What we know from the world of research about how to make work more meaningful.


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