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The new SACS psychometric testing portal is now live

November 8, 2022

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Professional using New SACS Psychometric Testing Portal.

We are very happy to announce that the new and improved version of the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal is now live for all new and existing clients.

If you are already using the existing Portal, you can login to the new Portal using your existing account details at

If you are a new client of SACS, you will automatically be set up within the new Portal when your account is created.

Watch the new Portal demo

Watch the walkthrough below to fully appreciate the power of our online assessment tools:

Greater functionality and flexibility

In accessing the new Portal, you will enjoy a more user friendly and intuitive platform which gives you greater functionality and flexibility when it comes to all things psych testing.

SACS New Portal - Set Up Candidates

Easier candidate management

This includes the ability to edit incorrect candidate details, cancel pending assessments, setup new portal users to your account, as well as access to a range of manual and video resources to further your understanding.

Enhanced, interactive reports

You will also benefit from our enhanced candidate reports, which provide a real time text and video explanation of each measure and what it means with a simple click.

In addition, our reports offer a ‘traffic light’ risk rating system automatically generated based on candidate results (green = low risk, yellow = medium risk, red = high risk), so at a glance you can see areas to carefully review and probe further.

SACS New Portal - Report with Traffic Light System

As always, any results which are not ideal result in a suggested behavioural question being included within our reports for you to use in a follow up interview or when conducting reference checks.

Stay up-to-date with News and Events

The new Portal will also include an active News Feed, which will be updated regularly with helpful hints and tips about our assessments, as well as to let you know of upcoming SACS events and masterclasses, the majority of which are free to attend and recorded for future viewing.

Closure of the old portal

The old version of the Portal will run in parallel with the new version until 31 December 2022, giving existing clients plenty of time to try out the new portal’s features and transition over.

We have had a number of existing clients using the new Portal now for several months, and their feedback has been extremely positive.

Given the significant improvements that have been made, we strongly encourage you to familiarise yourself with the new Portal as soon as possible, and begin using its great new features in your everyday workflows.

Try our new portal today

If you’re not yet a client of SACS and you’d like a free trial of our new assessment portal, please reach out to us or call us on 1300 130 965.

As always, the SACS Consulting team will be available to provide any assistance you may need and we can be contacted via our dedicated and closely monitored assessments email or by phone on 1300 130 965.

Download the sample Psychometric report

Click the button to download a copy of a sample report that shows the results of a Work-Worded Psychometric Assessment with all additional measures.

November 8, 2022

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