Fascinating to see recent reports that Senator Jacquie Lambie undertook a psychological assessment before she entered the Senate.  It’s not a requirement, so we presume she chose to take it to see how she might cope with the pressure of public life.  Fairfax quotes her as saying, “Mine says I’m very normal, by the way, so I’d like to see what all those other senators, what their psych tests come back and say.”  I wonder what the test was.

Given that we have recent Prime Ministers being cited publicly as “Grandiose Narcissists” and others as having low IQs, both of which characteristics are very measurable, perhaps the truth of the matter would be worth knowing.

We have also seen other politicians found guilty of persistent patterns of impropriety which are characteristics easily picked up in integrity tests and in personality measures such as the Honesty/Humility scale of the HEXACO personality inventory.

I think our attitudes to politicians and their responsibilities are a little odd.  No really professional corporation would allow their officers to take up their responsibilities without undertaking proper due diligence on them, but in politics we rely on the party system to do this work effectively (unless, of course, they are independents such as Senator Lambie or Clive Palmer).  I see a similar inconsistency in the fact that we test athletes for recreational drug use, but not politicians. Oh well, I guess they are only running the country. Nowhere near as important as having a shot for goal.

For further information on how to measure these psychological characteristics click here.

Andrew Marty
Managing Director

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Andrew Marty