Below is a photo of Naomi Taylor who was kind enough to participate in a recent research project we conducted. Just over 2600 people participated in the project by completing a questionnaire we sent out – a very long questionnaire. About one and a half thousand people completed the entire questionnaire, and that made them eligible to win a lucky draw for three travel vouchers. The first prize was a travel voucher for $3,000 and that was what Naomi won.

I think I know how those prime time radio hosts feel when they give prizes away, because when I spoke to Naomi, she seemed kind of excited. The seemed to think that $3,000 would get her as far as Europe, and I am inclined to think she is correct. The other winners were Xiaoying Zhang and Linda Austen who won travel vouchers for $1,000 and $500, respectively.

As for the research findings, this project yielded:

  • An Australian normed questionnaire for measuring engagement
  • An Australian normed 360 degree feedback tool which is designed to measure leadership behaviours which contribute to engagement
  • An Australian normed climate survey devices specifically targeted at engagement
  • A stack of other useful stuff which is yet to be fully analysed and interpreted

Statistical analysis of the results show that the data was of an extremely high quality for such a large sample which means that those completing the questionnaires did a great job of focussing on each question. We are very grateful to you all.
Our friends and colleagues at Deakin Uni, Led by Simon Albrecht, will be writing the results up in research papers over the next few months.

This research is what allows us to keep innovating our psychological measurement services, so thank you once more to those who completed our surveys.

We will be scheduling our next data gathering exercise in a couple of months, so watch this space – you could be the next Naomi.


Andrew Marty
Managing Director
SACS Consulting

Andrew Marty