What does the SACS 6 Personality Inventory measure?

In this paper we discuss how personality traits are a set of characteristics that influence how our cognitions, behaviours, and emotional patterns. In the workplace they provide a valuable indicator of how an employee is likely to behave, particularly in times of stress, and are also a predictor of a range of workplace outcomes including counter-productive workplace behaviours (Anglim et al., 2018).

One of the most common taxonomies for personality is the “Big 5” (Zillig et al., 2002) which measures openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. An extension of this, which is used in the SACS Comprehensive Character Assessment, is the HEXACO Personality Inventory (Lee and Ashton, 2004), which adds an additional Honesty-Humility factor.



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