Many of you will have seen previous findings from our ongoing research programme, or perhaps you have been kind enough to contribute by completing our surveys.  This is the means by which we continue to innovate the development of our psychological measurement products.

This time the topic is job turnover, specifically the reasons why people leave jobs.  International research tells us that the reasons people leave their jobs fall into two main categories:

  • Push factors – things that drive people away from their current job. One of the most common of these is a bad relationship with the staff member’s current boss. Others can include disorganisation and turmoil in the workplace, political or cynical colleagues, or boring, repetitive work.  Being dismissed or the role being made redundant is also a push factor.
  • Pull factors – the person is not really unhappy in their job, but something tempts them away. Examples could be being head hunted to take up a better paying role or one with more variety.  It could also include personal factors such as relocation to follow a life partner, or simply leaving to take up an opportunity to travel.

SACS has undertaken a literature review of studies into the topic and we have assembled a list of the previously identified reasons people leave jobs.  Interestingly, very few of these studies have been undertaken in Australia, so that’s where we come in.

In the next couple of weeks we will be surveying a very large sample of Australian employees to ask them why they left their last job.

Why are we doing this?  In order to:

  1. Create a normative (very big) sample of why Australian employees leave jobs. It will allow us to say that the main reason people do so is ……..  Right now no one knows.
  2. Compare reasons for leaving in different industry sectors. For instance, do reasons for leaving differ between the health and manufacturing sectors?  We will also be able to compare age groups, remuneration levels and a range of other fascinating stuff.
  3. Create a normed post exit survey tool. We are going to create a product that will allow you to survey ex-employees – anonymously – as to why they left your organisation.  This product will produce a report that will compare the reasons people leave your organisation with organisations generally.  This will help you to understand how typical your staff departure profile is and then take action on the issues you want to improve.  We think that this is an exciting idea, and so do the clients we have mentioned it to so far.

So, if you receive an email invitation from us asking you to complete this survey, please participate.  You will be helping the cause of science, but you will also enter a draw to win travel vouchers worth up to $2,000.  If you win one I wonder if you’ll leave your job to use it.

Andrew Marty
Managing Director

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Andrew Marty