SACS Consulting is one of the leading organisational development and executive search firms in Australia.

At SACS we are focused on client based outcomes using the latest in scientific research, the most advanced psychometric tools and a team of qualified psychologists to deliver the best candidates for the job and to assist companies in their organisational development.

Over the past year we have experienced massive growth of 63% in our psychometric services, making it impractical to scale the old co-location solution. It was clear a new strategy was required to maximise the latest advances in technology to improve services, strengthen security, simplify disaster recovery and drive down IT costs.

Though it seems an impossible combination to deliver more and pay less, IT advances allow exactly this combination so long as you are willing to embrace organisational change. We created a 12-month road map to move SACS from a generic IT services platform to a cloud-based solution, utilising all the benefits of the cloud and cloud-based licensing.

Within a period of 6 months, SACS has completely rebuilt its IT service platform.

The new platform has inherent disaster avoidance, cloud-based licensing, auto-failover, auto-healing and imbedded security. All this was possible with Amazon Cloud, using Base2Service as our preferred cloud-based provider.

The combination of the cloud provider and the service provider allows SACS to propel 10 year old software into a cloud-based solution. To ensure continued success and growth SACS has created an internal development team to continuously develop and deliver new services to the market.


This new platform, along with the creation of an internal development team, will ensure SACS continues to grow from a national brand to a global brand over time.

The transition to Amazon Cloud has allowed SACS to reduce IT costs, improve services and, most importantly, to deliver customer focused solutions faster, across the globe, with an ongoing commitment to enhancing its affordable customer focused self-service solutions.

Anthony Russo
Chief Technology Officer

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Andrew Marty