Reffind is a publicly listed company which provides a fun mobile platform that helps you understand and improve your employee experience through four key pillars:


  • EMPLOY – Job referrals made easy
  • ENGAGE – Check the pulse of your workforce
  • EMBRACE – Peer recognition and rewards
  • EDUCATE – Short form video training

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In early 2015 SACS conducted a major study into engagement with Deakin University, giving us the intellectual property to develop a new, highly contemporary and very affordable climate and engagement survey.  The SACS Engagement Measure is validated against existing international measures, and we have norms for Australian organisations and industries.  We have kept the instrument very short and easy to complete – for instance nine questions gives you a bullet proof, best practice measure of engagement.  Other measures assess factors known to cause engagement to be high or low, so you can decide how to respond to the results team by team.

I think that the price of valid climate surveys is one of the scandals of psychological measurement – we have had to disappoint many potential clients in the past by quoting them unaffordable prices for instruments provided by third parties.  Climate survey companies have historically been obscenely profitable, but all that is changing.  Now we have our own product, and we will be launching it at a highly disruptive price in the next couple of months.  Click here to see some of the fascinating things we discovered about engagement in the Australian workforce in this study.

SACS was approached by Reffind to offer our new engagement survey device on their mobile phone platform.  What a great idea!  This will make such surveys extremely easy and quick to complete – see the graphic above.  You will also be able to measure the pulse of your workforce – only 9 questions each time – how their engagement varies.

Are you curious as to whether your staff are more engaged on a Tuesday in comparison with Friday?  Wonder how our restructure is affecting the wellbeing of the troops?  Find out in minutes.

Keep an eye out – there will be launch activities for all of this – it is very exciting.

Andrew Marty
Managing Director

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Andrew Marty