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A sneak peek at the new SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal

October 4, 2022

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SACS New Portal - Risk Summary Table

Continuous improvement and development is a priority for SACS

In recent times we have focused strongly on our research program, which resulted in the enhancement and expansion of our suite of assessments and additional measures that are available to our clients.

This included the launch of our work-worded personality assessment and work-worded values assessment as well as the creation of several additional measures such as Resilience and Change Resistance.

Introducing our new Psychometric Assessment Portal

SACS is excited to share with you another client-focused development we have been working on busily behind the scenes, which is the brand new Psychometric Assessment Portal.

Our aim is to provide portal users with an improved and user-friendly interface as well as undertake a total reinvigoration of our reports.

We are glad to have received excellent feedback supporting this from some of our long term clients, who were kind enough to spend some time testing out the new and improved functionality of the portal as well as candidate reports.

Key new features of the portal

Here’s a selection of the new and improved features of the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal that we’re most excited to share with you.

More intuitive navigation

We’ve made our portal easier to navigate, with more intuitive ways to set up candidates and view reports.

SACS New Portal - New Home Page Dashboard


Easier candidate management

The new portal also includes the ability to edit candidate details, such as an incorrect email address or misspelt name. We know you’ve been asking for this one for a while!

You also have the ability to cancel assessment invitations for candidates who have not yet completed them, saving you precious assessment credits.

SACS New Portal - Edit Candidate Details


Brand new reports

We’ve completely overhauled our psychometric testing reports, making them fully interactive and online, with easy to identify colour-coded risk ratings.

We’ve also enhanced them with embedded explainer text and video links, so you can understand the results in front of you there and then.

SACS New Portal - Report with Tooltip


Updated resources

Our resources section has also been updated, including interpretive manuals for all measures, as well as candidate and client FAQs.

SACS New Portal - Resources, Manuals and FAQs


Accessing the new portal

The new version of the portal will be rolling out to existing clients shortly, and will run in parallel with the current version until the end of December 2022.

If you’d like to try out the new psychometric assessment portal, please reach out to us for further information on how to access it. Existing clients can quickly and easily login with their existing account details.

We strongly encourage you to try out the new version at your earliest convenience to ensure you have the best possible experience and maximise your learnings when utilising our assessments for your organisation.

As always, the SACS Consulting team will be available to provide any assistance you may need and can be contacted via our dedicated assessments email, or by calling 1300 130 965.

October 4, 2022

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SACS offers organisational psychology products and services to help businesses achieve their goals. We use evidence-based approaches to human resource management to optimise your organisation’s strengths.

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