What kind of people tend to act safely at work? We are running an event outlining the findings of a major study we undertook into the personality and values characteristics which underpin safety behaviours at work. Click here to find out more.

In this study we found that we could predict nearly 40% of people’s safety behaviours at work from their psychological assessment results. Imagine if you could improve safety behaviours by this much by changing your recruitment methods. You can. The characteristics which mattered were:

  • The personality characteristic of Prudence – the tendency to be thoughtful and non-impulsive.
  • The value of Security. This is a value from Shalom Schwartz’s values typology. It suggests a commitment to my own and others’ wellbeing.
  • The personality characteristic of Fairness. This is from the HEXACO model of personality.

I guess the first two are not surprising – they suggest a cautious, thoughtful and sensible approach to life which would seem to suit OH&S.

The characteristic of Fairness is from the HEXACO model of personality and it suggests that people who are committed to safety tend to be fair minded and likely to avoid cheating and corruption. I guess this is what you could call a double win. Less cheating and more safety is a good outcome for any organisation.

To find out how to assess the safety consciousness of your next employee click here.

Andrew Marty