Have you ever thought, “If only we had more people like Mary Smith life would be so much easier.” Why don’t you find out what your best people have in common? High Performance Modelling is a research project in which you identify your best people, people who:
• Do a great job
• Are cultural exemplars – people we really value
Once these people have been identified you psychologically assess them. In such projects we typically assess:
• Cognitive ability
• Personality
• Values
This allows you to identify the psychological characteristics they all share which underpins their success and what makes them a culture match. Then you competency interview them to assess:
• Outcomes they achieve, then the competencies necessary to achieve these, such as their:
o Skills
o Experience
o Style, attitudes and behaviours
When we undertake high performance modelling for an organisation this allows us to develop a recruitment kit so that your future hires will be assessed against a scientifically developed profile of your current best people. We also build you a psych test report which will allow you at a glance to see if people you are testing correspond with the profiles of your best people.
Right now this is about as accurate as a recruitment methodology gets, but it is also very helpful for succession planning.
Andrew Marty
Managing Director
SACS Consulting

SACS Consulting