What is a post exit survey?

A post exit survey is a tool used to collect data on the reasons why people are leaving the organisation with the aim of increasing retention and reducing staff turnover. Traditionally, organisations have conducted exit interviews upon an employee’s departure from the organisation. However, a post exit survey is at arm’s length from the employer, so it results in much more honest answers.

The research which underpins the SACS Post Exit Assessment was conducted using over 2000 Australian employees. We asked them why they left their last job. The ten most common reasons cited were:

What is good news for organisations is that seven of the ten main reasons why people left their jobs can be influenced and controlled by your organisation. You just need to accurately identify the true reasons why people are leaving, so you can take the right action. Our best practice, post exit survey is the appropriate tool for that.

The survey will:

  • Allow you to easily understand why people are leaving.
  • Provide you with a report comparing our reasons for leaving with the rest of Australian companies.
  • Make evidence based decisions about how to keep your best staff.

So get the real reasons why people leave their jobs, use post exit surveys, which result in more honest insights about what can be done to avoid unwanted employee turnover.