How engaged are your employees and how can you maximise it?

Diagnosis is damaging

This may seem like a strange heading for our approach to climate surveys, but it has been demonstrated by a range of research. Many people who have undertaken climate surveys believe that no practical benefits were gained through this activity.

Climate surveys done by SACS are not merely a form-filling exercise; we up set our climate surveys as organisational development activities from the very start. This results in increased staff engagement levels and morale, and practical outcomes for your organisation.

This is what sets our climate surveys apart

Extensive pre-survey engagement with staff at all levels.
We explain what we are going to survey, what the assessment tools are, and, most importantly, what will happen after the survey results have been gathered and analysed. This approach has been highly successful, which is why a typical response rate on a SACS engagement survey is around 90%, while many survey consultants settle for 50%.

Providing reports on engagement results for as many teams as possible.
The greatest differences in engagement are not between organisations, they are within organisations. Culture is local and the team you belong to has more of an impact on your wellbeing than the organisation you belong to. Providing local team reports to as many teams as possible also maximises the level of engagement people have with the survey and its outcomes.

 Action planning activities at all levels and within all teams.
By giving each group their own action plan, your change efforts have maximum speed and effectiveness. Many of our clients have had very significant turnaround in results because of this multi-level engagement strategy. It empowers staff to develop solutions and then holds them accountable to deliver these solutions – from the executive team down to the smallest team within the organisation

Partnership with Denison Culture to deliver the Denison survey instruments. These are some of the simplest, quickest and most valid culture diagnostic tools available. The Denison organisational culture model illustrates four essential traits of all organisations.

  1. Adatability
  2. Missions
  3. Consistency
  4. Involvement
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