Booking Terms & Conditions

Event Booking Policy

This information relates to events hosted by SACS Consulting and covers both paid and unpaid events.

Delivery Policy


After registering online, an email confirmation will be automatically sent to the email address provided at registration. Once the confirmation email has been sent, it is taken that your registration is valid for the purposes of cancellations, transfers and payments.

A further confirmation will be sent (1) one week before the event and (2) 1-2 days before the event. Please note that occasionally workshop or event information will change from when you have registered, and it is important to note details from the final confirmation.

Invoices & Receipts

After registering online, a tax invoice will be automatically generated for paid events and credit card payments can be made at time of registration. An email containing your transaction details and receipt of credit card payment will be sent to the email address provided at the time of registration. It is the responsibility of the attendee to pass this invoice onto their accounts department. If a credit card transaction is unsuccessful, registrants will be informed.

If this information does not arrive please telephone 1300 130 965.

All payments for a hosted event must be paid in full before the event.

Security Statement

Credit Card processing for online SACS Consulting event registrations is provided by the ANZ egate payment gateway service.

Your credit card details are used for the purpose of payment for a SACS Consulting hosted function.

SACS Consulting will at no time disclose this information for any purpose, other than to use these details for the payment of a booking.

Credit card details are at no time stored on any SACS Consulting or Swift Digital server.

Members / guests must submit the credit card details each time they place an order.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation – Paid Event

Refunds for paid events will only be issued if cancellation is received in writing and more than 5 working days before an event, as follows:

– More than 10 working days before event: 100% of the registration fee will be refunded

– 6-10 working days before event: 50% of the registration fee will be refunded

No-shows and late cancellations will be charged the full price.

In the situation of an event being cancelled, a refund will be issued.

Registered delegates who are unable to attend are welcome to send a substitute so long as notice is provided in advance.



SACS Consulting reserves the right to make changes to the event or event date if registration numbers are not met. If an event is cancelled, you will be notified in writing and any fees paid refunded.

At times the content or venue of events or workshops may change. SACS Consulting reserves the right to make changes to an event without notice, however, where possible, notification of changes will be emailed.

Venue Rules

We ask that you respect the rules of the venue where SACS Consulting are hosting an event. SACS Consulting will not refund any payments if an attendee does not obey the rules of a venue.

Where applicable, SACS Consulting will notify attendees of any venue rules.

Questions or Complaints

Should you have any questions or complaints about privacy issues, please contact us on 1300 130 965.