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HR consulting

Two professionals discussing psychometric assessments and organisational consulting.

Optimise your workforce and achieve your organisational goals with a practical, evidence-based HR strategy.

HR Consulting Services

Is your team the best it can be?

SACS Consulting works with clients to understand their objectives and then provides them with evidence-based solutions to achieve those objectives.

HR consulting is about helping organisations assess their team, workplace and organisation to find out where their strengths are and where they can make improvements.

Drive improvements in productivity, relationships and personal wellbeing in the workplace, with evidence-based techniques to maximise the energy and commitment of your workforce.

Get your team working to its full potential with our HR consulting services.

Provide your leaders and staff with the skills and techniques to maximise success

SACS provides scientifically proven strategies for optimising an organisation’s workforce.

Why optimise your workforce?

When a team is working to its full potential, amazing things can happen.

Here’s what SACS can offer you:

  • Workforce interventions that help you achieve your goals
  • Develop the workforce you really need
  • Optimise productivity through engagement
  • Maximise positive behaviours and minimise negative ones
  • Services for all stages of the employment life cycle
  • A suite of HR assessment tools, including psychometric testing
  • Address one-off issues or optimise ongoing processes
  • Get support from an independent third party
  • Rigorous, evidence-based solutions

The four-stage process

  1. Destination – Where do we want to be in one, two and three years’ time? Let’s get really specific. What size will we need to be? What businesses will we be in? What will our delivery model need to be? How will we define our success?
  2. Journey – How far are we from this ideal now? Do we only need to undertake fine-tuning, or will we need to make very substantial changes? SACS uses a psychological measurement technique to help you set this journey
  3. Behaviours – Corporate culture is about the behaviours people see and hear around them every day. Positive behaviours are a strong foundation for success, whereas bad behaviours can easily derail your strategy
  4. Actions – True strategy is built around actions; activities that we agree need to be undertaken in order to reach the destination. Truly effective actions have a leader, a supporting team, a definition of success and an agreed due date.

Our services

Professionals discussing in a meeting, illustrating employee engagement.

Employee Engagement

Engagement levels across an organisation are a good predictor of many workplace outcomes including staff retention, client and customer satisfaction, productivity and profits. Measured in terms of vigour, dedication and absorption, engagement is driven by the job, team, organisation and leadership.

Engagement Surveys
Staff congratulating each other after successful Wellbeing Surveys, highlighting the four components: Engagement, Stress, Safety, and Diversity Climate

Wellbeing Surveys

The four components of wellbeing are engagement, stress, safety and diversity climate. Organisations with higher levels of wellbeing tend to have higher staff happiness and satisfaction, and better staff retention, along with higher profitability and better customer outcomes.

Employee Wellbeing
Woman with laptop participating in an online 360 degree feedback process for leadership effectiveness.

360 Degree Feedback

360 degree feedback is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including individual performance management, group or organisational performance assessment and leadership development.

360 Degree Feedback
Colleagues applauding model behaviours of top performers

High Performance Modelling

Have you ever looked at a particular employee and thought “If we only had more of this person, we would be more successful”? High Performance Modelling allows you to do just that. Use evidence-based tools to find out the underlying strengths of your best people and seek those strengths in future hires

High Performance Modelling
Group of professionals engaged in strategic workforce planning and development

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is an organisational development activity which takes the people management component of an organisation and makes it strategic, proactive and future-focussed. SACS can help you with everything from strategy development to workforce forecasting.

Workforce Planning
Woman at laptop taking Personality Assessments.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric assessments can be used to predict workplace outcomes and increase the accuracy of your recruitment decisions by up to 40%, saving time and money. Measure personality, values, cognitive abilities, resilience and more with our research-backed psychometric testing tools.

Psychometric Testing
Professionals actively participating in a tailored in-house workshop

In-house presentations & workshops

We tailor our in-house presentations and workshops specifically to the needs of your organisation and your objectives.

Our workshops use an action learning approach, where people learn by doing, which results in behaviours that can be used in the workplace straight away.

Our sessions are outcome-focused and have a balance of 30% theory and 70% participation, which participants love.

In House Workshops

If you want a refreshingly practical and uncomplicated approach to refining your organisation’s HR strategy, contact us now.

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