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Employee Engagement

The transition from the current state to a future state of employee engagement

Employee Engagement Surveys

What is a staff engagement survey?

An employee engagement survey is a set of questions distributed to staff to measure the level of engagement of a workforce.

Engagement surveys provide valuable insight into your current state (how engaged are staff now, what are your current levels of morale and satisfaction?), and also helps to identify what needs to be done to get to your ideal state.

SACS are employee engagement consultants with experience across a wide range of industries.

How engaged are your employees and how can you maximise it?

What Causes Engagement?

In 2015, SACS partnered with Deakin University in a study of over 2600 Australian employees to investigate the key drivers of staff engagement and satisfaction.

Defining engagement as energy, commitment and flow, we found that the critical factors which determine levels of employee engagement are:

  • Job resources
  • Team resources
  • Organisational resources
  • Leadership

Why Is Engagement Important?

It is well known from the existing body of research that levels of staff engagement across an organisation are found to be good predictors of a number of workplace outcomes including:

  • Absenteeism
  • Staff retention
  • Customer, client and stakeholder satisfaction

SACS Employee Engagement Survey

  • Based on the most contemporary research
  • Affordable price
  • Very short – between 90 – 140 questions, but totally customisable to the needs of your organisation
  • Assesses the key factors which contribute to employee engagement thereby allowing you to take effective remedial action
  • Provides reporting tailored for every team
  • Offers Australian norms for a range of industries

Use our employee engagement surveys to assess the current state of your workforce and identify opportunities for improvement.

Receive a sample report and further information about the SACS Employee Engagement Survey.

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