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High performance modelling

Colleagues applauding model behaviours of top performers

High Performance Modelling

Have you ever looked at a particular employee and thought “if we had more of this person we would be more successful”?

High Performance Modelling is an evidence-based organisational tool to find out the underlying strengths of your best people and then seek these strengths in future hires.

How SACS High Performance Modelling Works

All of these characteristics can be shown to be accurate predictors of good and bad performance at work and they are all easily measured with the right instruments.

1. Highly conscientious – hardworking and committed
2. Emotionally stable – tends not to get upset easily
3. Easy to get along with – not an angry person
4. Truthful and honest – not an arrogant person

SACS High Performance Modelling Process

High-Performance Model Steps: Spot top performers, test, interview, and build the model.

1. Identify

You identify the members of your organisation who perform well and whom you are proud to employ

We define your exemplars as people who demonstrate two very important characteristics:

  • They get the job done – they are exemplars in terms of job performance
  • They are cultural exemplars – the types of people we are proud to have around

Once you have found these high performers, we determine their “real world outcomes” – the practical outcomes that can be used to measure their job performance.

High performance models can apply broadly, for instance to an entire organisation, or they can be very specific, for example by looking at the characteristics that your best sales representatives share.

2. Assess

Using SACS psychometric testing, we identify the psychological characteristics that these employees have in common

We typically assess them for cognitive ability, personality and values. Once we have done this we statistically assess the results and identify the characteristics that are shared by 80% or more of these exemplars. This provides you with psychological profiles that can give you the confidence that you are recruiting core characteristics possessed by these outstanding employees.

Woman at laptop taking Personality Assessments.

3. Interview

SACS conducts competency interviews with the exemplars to find out what skills, knowledge, values and attitudes they have in common

A strong psychological profile is extremely helpful, but it is not enough to make somebody an exceptional performer. Exceptional performers also have skills, experience, attitudes, and a style that equips them to do their job very well. We analyse the outcomes of the competency interviews to identify the characteristics that are shared by at least 80% of the exemplars.

A woman interviewing a candidate for an executive role.

4. Model

SACS creates a high performance model

When we have assembled all of the data, we create a high performance model document for you.  Using the outcomes of the psychometric assessments and competency interviews, we create behavioural questions and a simple psychometric scoring system to help you find new employees that share characteristics with your high performers. This will include a psychological profile, characteristics you should be looking for in resumes, behavioural interview questions, and appropriate answers that you may be seeking from the behavioural interviewing process.

Person using laptop to take employee engagement survey

5. Report

SACS provides you with a High Performance Model Psych Report

Upon completion of the High Performance Modelling Evaluation, SACS will prepare a tailored report based on the Psychological Profile of your best staff.

This report will be available through the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal; you will be able to generate candidate reports which include a high performance evaluation – a simple tabulated indication of where the candidate does and does not match the proven characteristics of your high performers and an overall Yes or No in terms of whether you should proceed to hire or not.

The report will be available for each candidate you assess against your high performance model.

Remote Worker Assessment Test

You pick your best people, and we find out what characteristics they have in common. No more guessing.

Download a sample report

Use High Performance Modelling to optimise your workforce

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