Workforce Planning

The SACS Approach to Workforce Planning

SACS is extremely experienced in assisting organisations in workforce planning using the SACS model of workforce planning shown below.

Many people think of workforce planning as an the administrative or forecasting exercise, but this could not be further from the truth. Workforce planning, when it is done well, is an organisational development activity which takes the people management component of an organisation and makes it strategic, proactive and future focussed.

The SACS approach to workforce planning emphasises the following key points


What are your organisational objectives and are they clear? SACS can help to ensure that strategy is able to be cascaded into the organisation in your workforce planning decisions.

Current state and environmental factors

What is the current situation which requires you to take on workforce planning? What is the make up of your current workforce? What are your strengths, what are your limitations and what are your workforce gaps?

What is your current culture?

Is it favourable to your objectives or is change needed?

What workforce will you need in the future given your strategic objectives?

This will include quantitative factors such as how many staff of certain types and qualitative factors such as the competencies they will need to possess.

How will environmental factors differ in the future from those which are affecting you now?

What activities will you need to undertake to achieve the required workforce of the future?

This is the “build or buy” challenge of workforce planning. Will you build the workforce of the future from existing staff through reskilling or buy the workforce of the future through recruitment?

How effective are the “enablers” of the current workforce?

This includes issues such as your recruitment practices, performance management, learning and development, leadership and administration and other processes.

Development of annual people plans.

These are specific operational plans about how to undertake the various workforce activities that will allow you to develop the workforce you will need in the future.

Strategic Workforce Planning Services - Staff Meeting

SACS has intellectual property on all of these issues and can help you with everything from strategy development to workforce forecasting.

The SACS approach is highly engagement orientated, which is one of the reasons why we are able to retain the energy and commitment of participants during these activities.

SACS has a record of success in undertaking these activities for private sector, public sector and not-for-profit organisations. We are able to resource one component of the model above or a full outsourced workforce planning project.

Talk to us about what you are hoping to achieve from this exercise and we will tailor a solution for you.

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