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How to attract and identify the best candidates

What strategies can you use to attract top talent to your positions, and how do you narrow that pool further to ensure you’re selecting the best candidate for the job?

We discuss strategies for making job advertisements more appealing and cover the most effective ways to recruit new employees.

We also address techniques for scoring applications, behavioural interviewing and reference checking, and the best methods for evaluating candidates.

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The importance of outcome-based job definitions
Step 1

Creating outcome-based job definitions

Job definitions are not thought of as a candidate attraction method, but the way you define a job impacts how candidates will respond to job advertisement.

Why your organisation needs an employee value proposition
Step 2

How to make job advertisements more appealing

A useful technique in attracting candidates is developing an Employee Value Proposition. It’s a process of finding out the benefits that people love about a job.

Create jobs that appeal to your ideal candidates
Step 3

How to write employment advertisements

A top tip to maximise your ad response is to write the job ad in terms of outcomes and employee benefits and not simply listing duties or tasks.

The most effective recruitment methods
Step 4

What are the most effective recruitment methods

Research based recruitment methods such as psych testing, structured interviews and Biodata scoring reduces the chances of hiring the wrong candidate.

How to use biodata scoring to streamline recruitment
Step 5

Biodata: How to score job applications

The best way to screen resumes is to use a Biodata scoring method. Reading CV’s in a planned structured manner is a highly accurate recruitment technique.

Evaluating candidates through behavioural interviewing
Step 6

What is behavioural interviewing?

From a research perspective Behavioural Interviewing is the most accurate form of interviewing and a highly effective recruitment technique.

The right way to do a reference check
Step 7

How to conduct a reference check

Optimise your reference checking methods by speaking to the candidates previous leaders and asking those referees behavioural style interview questions.

Use testing to significantly improve recruitment outcomes
Step 8

Testing methods to evaluate candidates

Increase the accuracy of recruitment decisions by using psychometric tests which measure cognitive ability, values and counterproductive behaviours.

How to create a team of top-performing employees
Step 9

Evaluating candidates using high performance modelling

High Performance Modelling is an evidence based profiling tool that helps take the guess work out of evaluating the suitability of future hires.

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