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How to develop the next generation of leaders for the disability sector

We explore the essence of leadership, questioning whether it’s innate or developed, especially as it related to the disability sector.

We discuss the qualities of outstanding leaders, effective recruitment strategies, and introduce high-performance modelling to identify critical attributes.

Additionally, we analyse psychometric data from the disability sector and discuss nurturing future leaders for success.

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One individual, exhibiting exceptional leadership and stands in front of many other employees.
Step 1

What defines a leader? Biology, behaviour and wellbeing

Leadership isn’t just about authority – it’s about inspiring others to follow willingly.  Dive into our comprehensive analysis to understand what comprises effective leadership. 

A single illuminated light bulb, showcasing leadership qualities, stands out among a group of unlit bulbs.
Step 2

Essential qualities of effective leaders

Explore the key characteristics of successful leaders and delve into the science behind effective leadership, especially transformational leaders. Discover the cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, and personality traits that distinguish outstanding leaders, and learn how to harness and cultivate these qualities to drive success in your organisation.

Confident businessman offering a handshake with a group of future leaders smiling in the background.
Step 3

How to recruit the leaders of the future

Discover the art and science of recruiting future leaders – those who will carry the torch of innovation and progress within your organisation. Our comprehensive approach to leadership recruitment goes beyond traditional methods, helping you pinpoint candidates with the vision and capability to lead with authenticity and purpose.

A group of five professionally dressed adults posing and smiling for a portrait of future leaders.
Step 4

Develop and recruit future leaders with high performance modelling

Explore the world of high-performance modelling and revolutionise your approach to leadership recruitment and development. High-performance modelling is a robust, scientific, and straightforward method to pinpoint and nurture the next generation of leaders.

Woman in yellow shirt taking notes on a clipboard with employees working in the disability sector background.
Step 5

Common traits of disability sector employees

Our extensive psychometric testing data sheds light on cognitive abilities, from verbal to abstract reasoning, personality and values, with implications for talent recruitment and development. Delve into the bright side of personality traits, including honesty, humility, and agreeableness, which characterise the sector’s workforce and play a pivotal role in effective leadership development.

A paper cut out of a person walking up wooden steps representing the development of tomorrow's leaders.
Step 6

Developing future leaders: From identification to succession

Discover the keys to effective leadership development with these essential components for talent identification and engagement. Learn how to cultivate a culture of leadership excellence and drive success in your organisation.

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