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How to create meaningful work and increase employee engagement

Why is meaningful work important in the workplace, and what can you do to make work more meaningful for your employees? How does it tie into employee engagement, and who is more likely to find meaning in their work? And what are the key factors for creating meaningful work?

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What Is Meaningful Work & Why Does It Matter in the Workplace
Step 1

What is meaningful work and why does it matter in the workplace?

When people find meaning in their work, this leads to positive business outcomes in performance, profits, satisfaction and more. We cover the four key features of meaning, in work and in life, and how success – or failure – plays into a person’s satisfaction levels, plus the workplace contributors to wellbeing. Learn more about why…

Why Meaningful Work Is Essential for Employee Engagement
Step 2

Why meaningful work is essential for employee engagement

Employee engagement is known to drive quality and quantity of work, and is an excellent predictor of outcomes at work, but how does it relate to meaning at work? Through our research, we uncovered the relationship between meaningful work and employee engagement.

Which Types of People Naturally Find Work Meaningful?
Step 3

Which types of people naturally find work meaningful?

What factors influence people to find their work meaningful and how much does our nature – or genetics – determine this? We look at the characteristics of people who naturally find their work more meaningful, across personality and cognitive abilities.

Meaningful Work Research Study: Key Factors for Meaning at Work
Step 4

Meaningful work research study: Key factors for meaning at work

What does the research show about meaningful work, and the factors that affect it? We looked at an extremely wide range of industry sectors, and we measured a range of psychometric and psychological characteristics. Let’s take a look at the results of this study.

How To Create Meaningful Work: What Companies Can Do
Step 5

How to create meaningful work: What companies can do

The research shows that there are many things that organisations can do to increase levels of meaning, including values matching, facilitative leadership and role clarity. We share some practical ideas about how to help people find meaning at work, on an individual level, but also through leadership.

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