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How to reduce intolerance and prejudice in the workplace

What makes someone intolerant or prejudiced? Is it their personality, or is it something that is learned?

Our research identifies the key drivers of prejudice and intolerance, both personally and at work, and how much nature and nurture contribute to someone’s willingness to embrace differences.

We also share what our leaders can do to create a diversity-friendly workplace, and how you can ensure that your employees are tolerant and inclusive.

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What makes some people more intolerant and prejudiced?
Step 1

Theory: What makes people prejudiced?

What makes a person prejudice is determined by nature and nurture. Traits that influence prejudice include cognitive ability, personality, skills & values.

What the research says about the causes of individual intolerance
Step 2

Research Findings: What Makes People Intolerant

SACS has conducted 2 research studies collecting responses from candidates in regard to their attitudes towards gender, ethnicity, ageing and disability.

The roles of diversity competencies, motivation and climate
Step 3

Research Findings: Prejudice within the workforce

An organisation that has a good diversity climate is one where the employees believe that their workplace cares about diversity and encourages tolerance.

Workplace causes of prejudice and intolerance
Step 4

The Key Drivers of Prejudice

What are the key drivers that cause people to be prejudice and how can organisations deal with the issue? Coaching on the importance of diversity vital.

How leader behaviours are central to diversity and inclusion
Step 5

What style of leadership promotes inclusiveness?

When a leader demonstrates the behaviours of inclusion and are welcoming & generous, then it’s far more likely that the people around them will do the same.

Using recruitment, leadership and programs to increase inclusion
Step 6

Tips to make your team more inclusive

To have a team that is inclusive you need to recruit the right people, those who are smart, generous, & kind are more likely to be tolerant towards other.

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