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How to undertake a strategic workforce planning process

What will the workplace of the future look like? And what do organisations need to do to create a workforce that’s optimised for those conditions?

Applying a strategic workforce planning process underlies all successful human resources activities. Learn how your organisation can recruit the right people for changing times, and lead them to success.

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The workplace of the future
Step 1

Workforce Planning: What is the New Normal?

What will the workforce look like in a post pandemic world? A growing increase in remote working, reskilling of employees and growth in the gig economy.

What is workforce planning?
Step 2

Workforce Planning: A Definition

The need for Workforce planning has increased but it’s not all about forecasting the future it should also be an exercise in Organisational Development.

Role clarity and real-world outcomes
Step 3

Creating Strategy and Role Clarity

Workforce planning is having a clearly defined strategy, creating role clarity for employees, and developing a governance structure to ensure accountability

SACS approach to strategic workforce planning
Step 4

The SACS Model of Workforce Planning

The SACS Model of workforce planning is based on a comprehensive scientific literature review looking at a range of evidence-based models.

April 25, 2022

Why leaders are central to the success of workforce planning
Step 5

Leadership Behaviours for Workforce Planning

There are four key leadership behaviours for successful workforce planning – empowering staff, being optimistic, supportive and creating a learning environment.

How to recruit resilient employees
Step 6

How to Cope with Tough Times: Recruiting for Resilience

When undertaking workforce planning, regardless of industry you’re going to need people who are highly resilient, flexible and can cope with challenges.

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