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Managing change in the workplace

Our workplaces are constantly changing, so what can organisations and their leaders do to help employees navigate change?

We need to understand the psychology of change and how the brain responds to change, so we can minimise change resistance and change fatigue, and successfully adapt to changing conditions.

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Change and the New Normal: Our Changing Workplaces
Step 1

Change and the new normal: Our changing workplaces

Change in the workplace is happening faster than ever, and there are lots of discussions about what the new normal will be and how to manage these changes.

The Psychology of Change: What Exactly Is Change?
Step 2

The psychology of change: What exactly is change?

So what exactly is change, what is the psychology of change and how do we help people develop the skills, experience, attitudes and values for change?

What Causes Change Resistance? Why Do Some People Love Change?
Step 3

What causes change resistance? And why do some people love change?

Why do people vary so much in their receptiveness to change? Why are some people eager to make changes, while others strongly resist it? Here’s why…

How to Avoid Change Fatigue: The Ideal Conditions for Change
Step 4

How to avoid change fatigue: The ideal conditions for change

What conditions do we need to create to help people embrace change? What can we do to increase the likelihood of success with any workplace changes?

What Happens in the Brain with Change? How To Navigate Our Instincts
Step 5

What happens in the brain with change? How to navigate our instincts

What happens in the human brain when people encounter change? How do we navigate people’s innate responses to change and get them enthused and engaged?

Leading Change: Strategies & Skills for Successful Change
Step 6

Leading change: Strategies and skills for successful change

How can organisations successfully lead change? What models, strategies or frameworks will help us keep moving in the right direction? Here’s the secret…

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