SACS has built our reputation on our focus on the latest research in Organisational Psychology.

Business Challenge:
A medium sized Residential Care organisation with 900 employees, Island Care’s management team has issues through transitional one-way forms of communications such as emails and memos or two way forms of communication which are restricted to processes like a feedback or complaints process. With traditional forms of communication, employees feedback gets lost in translation and can feel as their thoughts are not listened.

Providing a series of workshops with a clear focus, director Andrew Marty has allowed Island Care to hear what all of their employees are saying, let them hear what the management team are saying and has allowed them all to move forward in the same direction with everyone feeling empowered. Island Care has seen success and cultural improvements using this two-way form of workshop.


Business Challenge:
Mind Australia is a leading provider of community mental health services that support its clients to live independent, productive and purposeful lives. As part of its service, Mind offers peer support services to its clients.  Peer support workers have lived experience of mental ill-health and recovery and they use this experience to support clients on their recovery journey. Recruiting peer workers is a challenge, because there has been very little research anywhere in the world about what makes a good peer worker. So Mind and SACS partnered to find the answer.

Using a High Performance Model SACS psychologically profiled and competency analysed a group of peer workers in order to build a Mind recruitment kit to enable Mind to recruit these roles more accurately in future.

The catch phrase for this service is, ” No more guessing”

Business Challenge:
A  non-for-profit organisation providing quality independent living, in-home and residential aged care services, Vasey RSL Care were suffering from a number of departures and low retention rate with permanent employees abandoning their employment within their first year, effecting the continuity of care for their residents.

Providing SACS Psychometric assessment tools has helped Vasey RSL Care decrease the number of departures in the firs year of service by 54% compared to the average of the six years prior. Instances of abandoned employment in the first year of service have decreased by 61% compared to the same period. There have been no cases of permanent employees abandoning their employment in their first year since 2014 as opposed to 12 cases in the six years prior. In addition to fewer departures, employee retention is up overall and has equated to improved support of care for residents. In regard to employee performance, since July 2014, managers have rated 88% of their new employees are either “excellent” or “very good” after three months of work.

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