Evidence based techniques to maximise the energy and commitment of your workforce.

SACS Consulting is about helping organisations identify where they want to go, and then delivering evidence-based solutions to help them get there. Our joint research with Deakin University, and our own IP mean that practical tools have been developed for a wide range of clients. SACS Consulting ensures that you have the right people on board, and that you can lead them effectively.

Our group and organisational development services include:

  • Climate and Culture Surveys and Development
  • Managing for Optimal Performance
  • Organisation Strategy Development
  • Remuneration Policy and Structure Development
  • Competency Framework Development
  • What We Stand For – Clarity of Group Purpose and Actions
  • Organisation Structure Reviews
  • Workforce Planning
  • Positive Psychology Activities
  • Post-Exit Surveys
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Leadership Development


SACS also offers a range of services focussing on individual development

  • Psychological Assessment for Development Purposes
  • Performance Management Including 360 Feedback
  • Individual Development Plans & Coaching
  • Positive Psychology Activities
  • Career Transition Management
  • Remuneration Reviews

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