Receive end to end support from a Qualified Psychologist.

SACS’ Professional Interpretive Assessment service can be used when you are recruiting important positions or undertaking coaching or succession planning. We will give you a tailored report that is written or peer reviewed by a qualified psychologist. This report includes recommendations as to whether the results support the candidate’s application and highlights any areas of concern. We also provide you with specific behavioural interview questions that you can ask the candidate or their referee, to give more clarity around any potential concerns.


  • Personalised interpretation and reporting
  • Specific hiring and development recommendations
  • Outsourced service – we take care of the entire process
  • Comprehensive debriefs for both client and candidate
  • Advice regarding long term implications of results
  • Links seamlessly with other SACS services such as coaching, performance management and 360 degree feedback

Additional support

A key part of this service is our executive level support. We tailor interpretation to your specific job role and we provide extensive tailored debriefs to both clients and candidates.