Psychological Measurement Tools

Increase the accuracy of your recruitment decisions by up to 40% using our SACS online psychometric assessments.

Psychometric Testing & Assessment


SACS PSYCHOMETRIC TESTING helps you measure, assess and proactively work to improve outcomes in areas such as:


      • Employees’ likelihood of success or failure in the workplace
      • Counterproductive work behaviours like misconduct, bullying, theft
      • Occupational health and safety issues, such as behaving unsafely at work
      • Attitudes towards diversity or behaving disrespectfully to different ethnic groups

Resilience Test

It’s important to asses for any roles where the ability to cope with challenges is critical. This can apply to senior positions like Chief Executives or more customer facing roles such as in retail or call centres.

Cognitive Ability Assessments

Cognitive abilities have been found consistently to be one of the best predictors of job performance ever discovered.

Research shows that cognitive ability has a strong genetic component and does not change much over a person’s lifetime.

professional interpretive psychological assessment psychologist holding paper

Professional Interpretive Assessment

Upgrade your candidate psychometric assessments with a comprehensive, professional recommendation, backed by the SACS evidence-based methodology

Engagement Survey

Engagement surveys provide valuable insight into your current state (how engaged are staff now?), and also helps to identify what needs to be done to get to your ideal state.

360 Degree Feedback

360 degree feedback is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including individual performance management, group or organisational performance assessment and leadership development.

woman at laptop taking personality assessment test

Personality Assessment

Personality is also largely genetically determined and has a very significant impact on the likelihood of success in your employees. Different jobs require different personality elements

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