Increase validity of recruitment decisions by up to 40% using online psychometric assessments.

Psychometric Testing

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  • Protects you from the cost of the wrong hire
  • Best practice for HR, both here and overseas
  • Objective and helps formalise processes
  • Saves time eg better filter of candidates before 2nd interviews

Staff reviews:

  • Are today’s employees what you’ll need in the future?
  • How do they stack up against the profile for their sector i.e benchmarking?
  • Learn about the developmental needs of staff
  • Identify tailored improvement plans

Predict the likelihood that someone may be involved in:

  • Counterproductive work behaviours (eg misconduct, bullying, theft)
  • Occupational health and safety issues (eg behaving unsafely at work)
  • Attitudes towards diversity (eg behaving disrespectfully to different ethnic groups)
  • Likelihood of success & failure at work

5 HR screening & benchmarking tools:

  • Cognitive ability assessments (verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning)
  • Values assessment
  • Personality assessment

Standardised tests:

  • That measure individual psychological characteristics and propensities e.g. counterproductive work behaviour, OH&S risk, change resistance etc.
  • Those results are then compared to Australian norms for that individual’s profession (or for the general population).
  • Based on rigorous, international, psychology principles, our assessments have been developed for determining the suitability of applicants for specific roles in all types of employment, from executive roles to manual labour.

Why test?

  • Increases the validity of recruitment decisions by up to 40%
  • Predicts future job performance (Validity (r) 0.65 as per Robertson & Smith (2001))
  • Significantly increases likelihood of candidate being a good fit for role and organisation
  • Provides information that cannot be obtained through other recruitment methods such as interviews, reference checks etc
  • Reduces interviewing time
  • Ensures consistency in recruitment by taking away human bias
  • Tested employees are more productive than untested employees
  • Decreases negative behaviours in the workplace
  • Provides crucial information for coaching and developing staff

Pitfalls to watch out for

  • Assessments with minimal research backing i.e. not predictive, not measuring what they say they are measuring
  • Comparing results to overseas datasets which don’t reflect Australian cultural norms
  • Test suppliers which don’t offer the level of support and post-test analysis needed to get the full value of the assessments purchased
  • Assessments that are too general and do not match the purpose and role

The case studies and evidence show considerable savings via:

  • reduced staff turnover so less agency fees and ad expenses
  • reduced workplace accidents
  • reduced counterproductive work behaviours such as theft, disciplinary problems, absenteeism and fraud
  • reduced rate of staff termination; and
  • increased success in roles.

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Psychometric Testing can:

Predict the likelihood that someone may be involved in:

  • Counter productive work behaviours (such as misconduct, bullying, theft)
  • Occupational health and safety issues (like behaving unsafely at work)
  • Attitudes towards diversity (for instance behaving disrespectfully to different ethnic groups)
  • Likelihood of success & failure at work


  • Organisational fit
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Engagement levels

Examples of Tests
Psychometric assessment and testing options from SACS

Evidence based & proven scientific research

Internationally accepted, scientific critical assessments ensure the most accurate outcomes. Qualified psychologists can advise on how psychometric assessments can be tailored to meet business objectives or mitigate risk exposure.

Specific testing

Psychometric assessments can be used for a variety of different roles and purposes, such as:

  • Vocational guidance
  • Sales recruitment and sales reluctance assessment
  • Emotional intelligence development
  • Care Worker Assessment (Targeted for aged care, disability and HACC workers)
  • Foundation Assessment
  • High Performance Modelling (Recruitment based on current best performing staff)


Costs are tailored to meet an organisation’s needs. Generally, self-service reports range from about $85 – $420, depending on the aptitude tests and psych report required, such as:

  • Recruitment: Assessments provide risk ratings that are predictive of success
  • Development of individuals and groups: Assessments provide targeted reports on improving tasks, leadership and relationship performance
  • Career transition, outplacement and career coaching: Assessments highlight a candidate’s skills and ability, and provide vocational guidance to suit individual capabilities

Generally, self-service reports prices range from about $100 up, depending on the report required.

Report Outcomes

Reports should be easy to read and, very importantly, should be normalised against an Australian pool of thousands of previous test results, so that the reports show the individual results against normalised averages.

3 Examples of Reports:

1. For IQ test (verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning)

Aptitude and psych testing by SACS

2. Values assessment

There is no risk rating for values, each team or organisation must decide the values they consider to be important to them and then evaluate the potential values match.

Psychometric and aptitude assessment report example from SACS

3. Personality assessment

Different jobs require different personality elements, but there are some personality elements that appear to be crucial for any role.

Psychometric and personality assessment report example from SACS

Self Service testing for HR

Some services, like SACS’  offer a full range of psychometric assessments online, and guide you through a simple step-by-step process where you can administer web based testing to candidates, as well as review results in a single, integrated downloadable report.

Benefits of using SACS psychometric assessments

Such systems should be supported by tools, which help interpret and use the results, including recommended behavioural questions.


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