Increase the accuracy of your recruitment decisions by up to 40% using our online psychometric assessments.

Psychometric Testing can:

Predict the likelihood that someone may be involved in:

  • Likelihood of success & failure at work
  • Counter productive work behaviours (such as misconduct, bullying, theft)
  • Occupational health and safety issues (like behaving unsafely at work)
  • Attitudes towards diversity (for instance behaving disrespectfully to different ethnic groups

Examples of Tests
SACS Psychometric Test Options

Vocational tests

SACS offers a comprehensive and expanding range of vocational assessments. Currently these include:

  • Assessments tailored to your company and role profiles
  • Executive and Leadership assessments
  • Role specific assessments – 18 different professional roles
  • Emotional intelligence development
  • Care Worker Assessment (Targeted for aged care, disability and human services)
  • Foundation Assessment
  • High Performance Modelling (Recruitment based on current best performing staff)

Scientist/Practitioner Model

SACS assessments are extremely rigorously evaluated by virtue of our commitment to the Scientist/Practitioner model of business. The products that we offer are developed and enhanced through research partnerships with independent researchers in a range of universities. In particular SACS is involved in a very active research partnership with Deakin University which has led to a number of peer-reviewed publications. You can use SACS measurement tools with a high level of confidence in their accuracy due to this rigour.

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