Psychometric Testing

Increase the accuracy of your recruitment decisions by up to 40% using our online psychometric assessments.

Predict Work Behaviours


  • Likelihood of success & failure at work
  • Counter productive work behaviours (such as misconduct, bullying, theft)
  • Occupational health and safety issues (like behaving unsafely at work)
  • Attitudes towards diversity (for instance behaving disrespectfully to different ethnic groups)
Psychometric assessments, and psychometric, aptitude and psych tests let employers improve productivity by measuring the cultural fit and role suitability of job applicants based on the candidates' capabilities and tendencies.

SACS offers Vocational Psychometric Assessments

Vocational Psychometric Tests

SACS offers a comprehensive and expanding range of vocational psychometric assessments. Currently, these include:


  • Assessments tailored to your company and role profiles
  • Executive and Leadership assessments
  • Role-specific assessments – 18 different professional roles
  • Emotional intelligence development
  • Care Worker Assessment (Targeted for aged care, disability and human services)
  • Foundation Assessment
  • High Performance Modelling (Recruitment based on current best performing staff)

Scientist/Practitioner Model

SACS assessments are extremely rigorously evaluated by virtue of our commitment to the Scientist/Practitioner model of business. The products that we offer are developed and enhanced through research partnerships with independent researchers in a range of universities. In particular SACS is involved in a very active research partnership with Deakin University which has led to a number of peer-reviewed publications. You can use SACS measurement tools with a high level of confidence in their accuracy due to this rigour.

Find out how to increase the accuracy of your hiring decisions with psychometric testing.

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