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What is the SACS Nurse Test?

The SACS Nurse Test is part of the set of SACS Vocational Tests which benchmark candidates against previous applicants in the same vocation. They use a set of factors that have been specifically chosen for that vocation.

This is important as different vocational groups tend to exhibit different sets of personality traits and values, as well as having different levels of ability in verbal, numeric, and abstract reasoning.

Who uses the Nurse Test?

Health care and Hospital Management including


  • Hospital Directors
  • HR Directors
  • Hiring managers
  • In-house recruiters

What does the Nurse Test do?

The SACS Nursing Test streamlines the nurse hiring and retention process.

It improves nursing job candidate evaluations ultimately ensuring better hiring fit and job performance.

Get Your Hiring Right – First Time

14 Includes Multiple Job Roles

We’ve gathered data from thousands of nurses across different sectors, providing a solid benchmark for Registered nurses (RN) and endorsed enrolled nurses (EEN) working in hospitals, aged-care, and disability care roles.

14 Benchmarks Across 14 Factors

These factors were chosen based on their effectiveness as differentiators between candidates, the evidence that they are generally important in the selection of quality employees, and their relevance to that vocation.

14 Simple Reports

Easy to read and understand reports means that your nursing recruitment process is streamlined for success, helping you to develop and retain strong nursing team.

Clear Benchmarks.


Evidence-based and finely tuned specifically for Nursing in a variety of environments including hospital, aged care and disability care.

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