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Personality Assessment

Happy staff member with a tablet following a successful personality assessment.

Personality Assessment

Personality is largely genetically determined and has a very significant impact on the likelihood of success in your employees.

Different jobs require different personality elements, but there are some personality elements which are crucial for any roles:

1. Highly conscientious – hardworking and committed
2. Emotionally stable – tends not to get upset easily
3. Easy to get along with – not an angry person
4. Truthful and honest – not an arrogant person

All of these characteristics are accurate predictors of good and bad performance at work and they are all easily measured with the right instruments.

SACS offers three different personality instruments

SACS 6 Personality

The SACS 6 Personality assessment is validated against the HEXACO Six Factor model of personality which is a widely researched and accepted model of personality developed by Kibeom Lee and Michael Ashton.

This model suggests there are six general ‘factors’ of personality, each of which have several sub-factors. Like the HEXACO, the SACS 6 measures these six personality factors, however, it uses items focussed specifically on the workplace rather than general life.

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Sample SACS 6 Report

HEXACO Personality Inventory (HEXACO-PI)

The HEXACO-PI measures six major dimensions of personality and 24 facet-level personality trait scales. This is the test that revolutionised personality assessment through its capacity to act as insurance against negative behaviours.

SACS assessments are extremely rigorously evaluated by virtue of our commitment to the Scientist/Practitioner model of business. SACS’ research partnership with Deakin University has yielded many publications using the HEXACO model of personality. Click here to see a list of our publications.

Sample HEXACO Report

Short-Form Personal Style Inventory (PSI)

The Short-Form PSI consists of 20 facet-level personality trait scales that define the five personality factors and takes only 20 minutes to complete.

The version of this inventory adapted by SACS was developed using items from the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP), which is based on the Five Factor model of personality.

This widely researched and accepted model of personality suggests there are five general ‘factors’ of personality, each of which have several sub-factors.

Sample PSI Report

Find out how to identify personality characteristics of potential hires or current employees.

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