Professional Interpretive Assessments

Upgrade your candidate psychometric assessments with a comprehensive, professional recommendation, backed by the SACS evidence-based methodology

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Get bespoke guidance as to a candidate’s fit, based on their specific strengths and the requirements of the role

How SACS Professional Interpretive Assessments achieve results

After fielding several client requests for further guidance with psychometric assessments and their results, we’re pleased to announce our newest bespoke recruiting service: The SACS Professional Interpretive Assessment (PIA).

While our science-backed psychometric testing tools provide an excellent resource for assessing candidates, many hiring directors and managers have requested a specific, psychology-based recommendation as to a candidate’s fit within a selected role, team or organisation.

This is precisely what our SACS PIA service delivers — as many clients have called it, an upgrade or enhancement to our portfolio of psychometric testing resources.

Building upon the candidate’s psychometric assessment results, and in consultation with the hiring director or manager, our psychologically trained consultants carefully review, analyse and provide clear guidance as to the potential fit, as well as recommendations on areas for any further exploration with respect to the candidate or role.

What you can expect from SACS Professional Interpretive Assessments

At SACS, our unique scientific approach helps hiring managers greatly improve their chances of hiring the right candidates — and avoiding the wrong ones — the first time around.

Taking into account the costs of recruiting, hiring and training candidates who aren’t an ideal fit with the role, team or culture, improving your screening and hiring process provides an invaluable return on investment to any organisation.

Our new Professional Interpretive Assessment service provides clear advantages to hiring managers with human resources experience. In addition, SACS clients say our PIA service is very useful for helping executives and senior decision-makers clearly understand why a particular candidate is or isn’t a solid match, prior to the hiring decision.


Key PIA Components

    • Personally tailored to the individual candidate’s strengths and fit, based on our psychologists’ in-depth review of the candidate’s SACS psychometric assessment and consultation with hiring managers – no PIAs are exactly the same.
    • Powerful insights and clear guidance to assist hiring managers and stakeholders in making smarter candidate evaluation and hiring decisions.
    • Supported by responsive SACS advice – help is only a phone call or email away.

Who Will Benefit

  • Management seeking to make smarter, science-backed hiring decisions.


  • Executives involved in key hiring decisions and select candidate evaluations.


  • Job candidates who find a stronger organisational fit where they can flourish, grow and contribute at higher levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Psych Test Questions

Can you psych test for any job?

Yes, any job is recruited more accurately with psych testing.

Can psych testing help with culture match?

Yes, we can tailor results to particular companies. Psych testing screens out bad behaviours and so a person with better behaviours will fit in with any organisation.

How do we know that the results are accurate?

All our assessments are based on empirical research.  Visit the Resources Hub.

What is the price?

Can people fake psych tests?

Research indicates that people do fake tests but not well enough to invalidate high quality psych tests. See our blog post on Do People Fake Psych Tests.

Does psych testing improve things?

Does this assessment discriminate against minorities?

Research evidence shows that psych tests are less discriminatory then human judgment. SACS instruments are chosen because research shows that they do not disadvantage minorities.

How are these tests developed?

All SACS tests are developed through psychological research. Visit the Resources Hub.

Is this confidential?

SACS complies with the highest standards of online confidentiality and data security. SACS also abides by the Australian Psychological Society code of ethics in everything we do.

Can I get help understanding the test results?

Yes, trained & qualified professionals are available to answer all your questions.

Is it expensive?

Companies all over the world use valid psych testing because it is profitable. The cost of wrong hires vastly outweighs the cost of psych testing.

When during the recruitment process should I psych test?

As early as possible. That way the interview and reference checking process can be improved by knowing what psychological characteristics the candidate has and what areas should be focused on.

What do the risk ratings mean?

A high risk rating indicates characteristics we are encouraging you to be very cautious about. These characteristics may be associated with non-performance or problems with fitting in to a workplace.

Professional Interpretive Assessment Questions

Who interprets these tests?

The tests are interpreted by trained professionals and the reports are endorsed by qualified psychologist.

How is the report tailored?

You give us a description of the job and in most cases, we have a conversation to understand the job deeply. Then we tailor the report specifically to the job and your organisation.

What about testing the entire shortlist?

Yes, we can help you to understand the results of an entire shortlist and we can debrief you on how the candidates compare with one another.

Are there discounts for bulk purchasing?

Yes. Just tell us how many you need, and we will quote you a price.

What does the report look like?

Is psych testing used only for recruitment?

No. We can provide you with a development report which is more comprehensive than a recruitment report. Here an example report – Sample report. Here is what it will cost – Pricing page.

Can I use the results for development?

Yes. We can provide you with a development report which is more comprehensive than a recruitment report. Here an example report – Sample report. Here is what it will cost – Pricing page.

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