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Remote Worker Test

Hire staff who can work productively work from home.

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What is the Remote Worker Test?

Businesses are facing unparalleled challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. One particular obstacle is the mass relocation of staff  from their primary office work location to a remote working environment in their homes. Whilst flexible working arrangements are well practised, the complete online dispersion of workforces is unprecedented.

You may be equipped from a technological point of view to allow staff to work from home, what you may not be aware of is the compatibility of your employee’s individual psychological makeup to be able to work solely from home without issue.

To help you understand the likelihood that an employee will thrive in a work from home environment SACS has created the Remote Worker Test. Not only will this test identify the likelihood of an individual being suited to remote working, it will also identify personality strengths and development areas which can be utilised for ongoing development initiatives.

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Who Should Be Assessed?

The Remote Worker Test can be used to assess any employee who is working remotely, regardless of whether it is for a temporary period of time or if it is an ongoing arrangement.

Hire People Who Can Cope With The Challenges of Working Remotely

Who uses the SACS Remote Worker Test?

  • CEO’s
  • HR Directors
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • In-house recruiters
  • Line Managers
  • Hiring Managers

What does the SACS Remote Worker Test do?

The results of an individual’s Remote Worker Test will provide their organisation with valuable information regarding how likely they are to feel comfortable working remotely, as well as the degree to which they are likely to be productive in the remote work that they do.

Get Your Hiring Right – First Time


The SACS Remote Worker test is based on the most contemporary research on what makes a successful worker in a remote setting (read more here), and can be accessed on any digital device.

Predicts Real World Outcomes

The SACS Remote Worker Test will assess people who will succeed in remote work and will maintain high levels of wellbeing.

Simple Reports

Our easy to read and understand reports means that your recruitment process is streamlined for success. Any areas of concern are highlighted in the report, this will allow you to ensure supports are put in place to help mitigate any issues the individual may encounter whilst working remotely.  

Clear Results

Hire a highly engaged and productive workforce using SACS evidence-based and finely tuned Remote Worker Test.

This is a sample of the clear and easy to read results you’ll receive back from your SACS Remote Worker Test.

Remote Worker Test Sample Report Page

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